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Monday, January 28, 2013

Politicians seem to like boy brothels...


Politicians seem to like boy brothels.

According to the Sunday People and ExaroNews a boy brothel was advertised in a newsletter issued by a group within the UK Conservative Party.

The newsletter 'strongly recommended' a visit to to the Elm Guest House, which functioned as a boy brothel for top people.

Former boy brothel.

A newsletter, dated 8 April 1982 states:  "I am glad to publicise another establishment (Elm Guest House) strongly recommended by members."

The newsletter's editor was Peter Campbell, a libertarian Conservative.

He was a politics professor at Reading university, and he in 2005.

The copy of the newsletter obtained by Exaro has a hand-written note from 'Peter' at the top that reads: "I have now inserted the entry about the hotel but can't find the text about the Dutch venture - could you please let me have another copy?"

Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus. "In sworn testimony, a couple claimed to have seen Claus in a brothel in a compromising position with a 12 or 13 year old boy." wikispooks.com

In the Netherlands, a number of boy brothels were being run by a German named Lothar Glandorf.

"After ignoring complaints for 18 months, Rotterdam police finally targeted him and found he had been selling hundreds of boys.

"Of those they could trace, nearly half were under 16, some by many years. One of them was only nine. 
"Tapping Glandorf’s phones, they heard one customer say “I’m looking for a young boy, a very young boy, a nice little blonde one, who can stay the night”; and another who specified a pre-pubescent boy, “You know, no hair.”

"They heard Glandorf tell one boy that if he tried to run away, he would send his family pornographic pictures of him; another was told simply he would be shot in the head."
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