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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do you work with a radiation headset on your ear? If so, you are slow-burn killing yourself...


 There are three things you can do:

* Change your job and save your life.

* Tell your employers that they have to find another form of communication that does not include killing you.

* If they won't do that and you won't change your job then at the very least insist that employers give you written confirmation that they demand you wear these things as a condition of employment - then they will be legally responsible when your health problems start as they surely will if you continue to do this.

This is what happens to your brain after a 15 minute mobile phone call ...

... What do you think your brain looks like after wearing a permanent radiation headset throughout the working day - every day?

I warned a supermarket employee yesterday that the headset she was wearing was extremely dangerous and she said that 'funnily enough' she had been having severe headaches that she had never had before and was taking painkillers to cope. 

This is a classic symptom of these suicide notes on the ear - but there are many more including brain cancer. I asked to see the store's management and pointed out that they were slowly killing their staff - even less than slowly in many cases - and it was not acceptable to insist on staff using this technology. I will be staying on the case as well if nothing is done.

What are union representatives doing?
Get your bloody fingers out.

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