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Friday, December 7, 2012

Zionists exercise influence on Nauru...

Nauru, in the South Pacific, is the world’s smallest republic. The island’s 21 square miles provides a home for 9,378 people.

As a result of phosphate mining - Nauru is a phosphate island owing to a buildup of a thousand years of constant bird droppings - the island once had the highest per capita income in the world. The depletion of phosphate reserves has left the interior of Nauru as a barren wasteland not fit for habitation.

Now reliant on off-shore bank money laundering and selling its diplomatic recognition at a price, Nauru has attracted as clients international criminals and nations seeking Nauru’s recognition or vote at the United Nations.

On December 29, Nauru joined three other Pacific island states to vote ‘No’ on upgrading Palestine’s status in the United Nations to a non-member observer state, recognition on par with that held by the Vatican City. The three other Pacific states -- Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau -- are former UN Trust Territories that were granted “independence” by the United States in “compacts of free association with the United States.” The states became UN members between 1991 and 1994 after the fall of the Soviet Union and were snuck into membership by the United States in a huge expansion of UN membership owing to the entry of former Soviet republics. In fact, the UN votes of the three associated republics of the United States are more independent of Washington than were the votes of the former Byelorussian and Ukrainian soviet socialist republics were of Moscow.

The four Pacific micro-nations, considered diplomatic allies of Israel and the United States in Middle East votes, were joined in voting “no” on Palestine by Panama, the Czech Republic, and Canada. These seven and the United States and Israel now represent Israel’s “power bloc” in the United Nations.

Nauru, however, is a special case in point.

Israel’s closest ally is for sale. In the last decade, Nauru switched its recognition from Taiwan to China and back to Taiwan. Every month, a Taiwan disbursing agent arrives in Nauru and pays $4000 in cash to Nauru’s ministers and members of parliament. Nauru considers it foreign aid. The rest of the world considers it bribery.

In return for cash payments, Nauru has allowed Australia to construct a detention center on the island for immigrants found at sea who are trying to illegally enter Australia. The Australian company Getax has been charged with paying bribes to Nauruan politicians in return for sole control over the remaining bird dropping deposits on the island.

In 2009, Nauru recognized the breakaway Georgian republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The decision came after Russia, which supported the secession of the two republics over howls of protest from the West, agreed to provide $10 million in aid to Nauru to fix its decaying infrastructure, including its port.

With bribes from Taiwanese, Australians, and Russians pouring in, there is little wonder that Nauru’s vote on Palestine went to Israel, which has more than a passing interest in Nauru’s lax banking laws. Israel is drawn to Nauru’s banking and corporate secrecy like a bandit is to an unguarded bank.

One Nauruan politician who was tired of his country being used by gangsters, Americans, Israelis, and other ne-er-do-wells was President Bernard Dowiyogo.

Dowiyogo tried to expel the Russian-Israeli Mafia from his country. The mobsters had used the nation's lax tax and banking laws to set up shop to launder ill-gotten gains from illegal activities, including drug and weapons smuggling, online gambling, online child pornography, and tax evasion. Dowiyogo, who was 57, traveled to Washington in early 2003 to discuss with Bush administration officials the closing down of the Russian-Israeli Mafia financial pipeline that ran through his small island nation.

Dowiyogo signed a secret agreement concerning money laundering in Washington on February 27. On March 9, Dowiyogo collapsed after having dinner in Washington. After the president collapsed, he was rushed to George Washington Hospital and died after 11 hours of heart surgery failed to revive him. Sources close to Dowiyogo claimed the president was given a heart attack-inducing drug with the knowledge of his six-member U.S. Secret Service protective detail.

Since Dowiyogo’s death, Nauru has seen nothing but political turmoil and parliamentary coups and counter-coups, all directed by the powers that lord over Nauru: organized crime, Nauruan passport brokers, Taiwanese bribers, and Australian paymasters.

One small attempt to call attention to Nauru’s vote against Palestine in the UN, a tourism boycott of the island, was met with a shrill response from a Nauruan government tourism official.

An American couple decided to email the Nauruan tourism office and let them know that Nauru was off the travel itinerary due to its UN vote:

“Dear Sir:

Due to your vote against Palestine, in the UN, I have cancelled my travel plans!
Furthermore, we will not be visiting in the future.”

To which, the reply from Nauru was:
“Thank you,
Due to your condoning of a state that advocates terror and propaganda against Israel, we will be rejecting your application for visa entry into Nauru. Your names has [sic] been black listed in the Nauru immigrations office.
Nauru Tourism”

To the black list maintained by Nauru on foreigners who oppose its stance on Palestine, the American couple responded,

“Date: Monday, December 3, 2012 11:08 AM
To: Duggob Halstead
Cc: delta-jane. peter
Subject: Re: Regarding my upcoming visit
Mr. Halstead,
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply to my email. It assures me that my wife and I have made the right decision. Regarding terror and propaganda, I think you have it backwards. The translation of Mossad, is ‘War by Deception’.”

The Nauru tourism official responded with the following:

“Dear Sir:
I am sad for your decision! But I never needed to know about it since you will never be my concern as a tourist here on beautiful Nauru.
P.S what happened, did you join Hamas?

R Halstead”

It would appear that Israeli arrogance is contagious as it has spread, like the flu, to one of the remotest islands of the South Pacific.
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