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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Death warrants for targets are signed by mid-level bureaucrats, and soccer moms and dads double as joystick killers. They operate in comfort and safety, half the Earth away from their targets and close enough for many to run home for lunch between kills.Today there are more than 5,000 robotic vehicles and drones deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 50 can be flown at the same time. The Pentagon and CIA will purchase more unmanned aircraft than manned ones this year, and they will train more drone aircraft pilots than those who fly all of the bomber and fighter jets combined"...

EYE, SPY ...
The unmanned drone agenda and where it's leading
The David Icke Newsletter, January 8th 2012

There is a silent war going on around the world that is rarely mentioned, except in passing, by the mainstream media. It is a war on privacy, freedom and, for gathering thousands, a war on life itself.

I am talking, of course, about unmanned drones, the eyes, spies and killers in the skies. Last month the theme of drones for once secured widespread coverage when Iran displayed an American surveillance drone electronically taken over and landed while it was on a mission in the country's airspace.

Iran has apparently claimed that it has others belonging both to the US and Israel. But while the story highlighted again the existence of these aircraft, the scale of their use and their ever-increasing significance in world affairs has pretty much remained in the shadows.

Even according to the establishment New America Foundation, up to nearly 3,000 people have been killed by US drone attacks in Pakistan alone since 2004 and that is almost certainly an underestimate. Daniel L. Byman from the Brookings Institution estimates that for every 'militant' killed there are 'ten or so' civilians who die as a result of drone missiles.

We have the usual claim, yawn, yawn, that the technology is so advanced and accurate that they only hit intended targets. This is blatant nonsense and as an article on Uruknet said: if the drones were of such superior technology, then why are the majority of attacks killing innocent civilians, ruining generations of lives and destroying humble infrastructure without any true accountability or transparency?

Human Rights Watch has written to Obama calling for an end to CIA command of targeted murder by drones and for clarification on the legal basis of the killings. James Ross, the legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch, said:

'CIA drone strikes have become an almost daily occurrence around the world, but little is known about who is killed and under what circumstances. So long as the US resists public accountability for CIA drone strikes, the agency should not be conducting targeted killings.'

'Unsupported claims by administration officials that all US agencies involved in targeted killings are complying with international law are wholly inadequate. By failing to adopt policies and practices that demonstrate compliance with international law, the US raises doubts among its allies about the lawfulness of its actions and creates a dangerous model for abusive governments.'

But then the US is an abusive government. One of the first decisions made in office by Barack 'Nobel Peace Prize' Obama was to agree a drone strike on Pakistan and these attacks have increased massively on his watch. They are used to kill civilians in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia as well as Pakistan and the list is only going to grow while these insane people continue to dictate events.

A rare mainstream article in the Washington Post was headed 'Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus of drone killing'. It described how the drone programme 'involves dozens of secret facilities, including two operational hubs on the East Coast, virtual Air Force cockpits in the Southwest and clandestine bases in six countries on two continents'.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the US had 775 drone aircraft and on top of that the CIA has a fleet of drones, the number of which is unknown. More are coming on stream all the time and they are used by other countries, too, including the British RAF.

Some 40 countries have some version of drone technology, however basic, and this is mainly used for surveillance, but besides Britain, drones with attack capability are either owned or are being sought by China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Russia and Turkey.

The US military has announced that it is now testing a new generation of drone aircraft known as the 'Avenger' which are bigger, faster and more deadly than those that have gone before like the Predator and Reaper. Look at the aggressive names they choose for the vehicles of aggression - Avenger, Predator, Reaper.

All are made by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., an affiliate of the San Diego-based General Atomics, a 'defence' contractor that was the biggest underwriter of trips for members of Congress between 2000 and 2005, just as the drone programme was really getting underway. It has since spent another $1.5 million a year on lobbying politicians and government.

The Avenger on test, which cost $15 million at a time when Americans are losing their homes en masse, is designed to carry 2,000-pound bombs, plus missiles, cameras and sensors, and can fly at 50 to 60,000 feet at almost 500 miles an hour.

This state-of-the-art technology is being used to murder anyone the US military and CIA choose to kill. There is no evidence necessary, no charge or trial and no Congressional oversight. These lunatics are only required to draw up their kill-list and Barack Insane Obama, and whoever may follow, gives his consent for still more death and destruction.

Among those taken out by drones have been American citizens like Anwar Al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son who died in separate attacks in Yemen. Obama and his White House lunatic asylum refused to offer any evidence whatsoever to justify the cold-blooded murder of Al-Awlaki while his son was said to have been 'an unintended casualty' who was a 'US citizen with no history of involvement with al-Qaeda'.

Oh, well, that's alright then. Mistakes happen don't they? Yes, like all the time.

All you have to be is a 'suspected' terrorist on the kill-list and they can take you out at will with no legal comeback or consequence whatsoever. Who decides if you are a 'suspected terrorist'? Those who are ordering your assassination.

But then what is extreme and outrageous anymore when you think that any American citizen can now be arrested by the military and detained for the rest of their lives without charge nor trial? The world of Orwell - and more - is not coming. We are living in it.

The drones are piloted by joysticks at Creech Air Force Base near Las Vegas thousands of miles away from the civilians they are killing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the list seems to get longer by the month. The British are involved with this, too, and RAF commanders say they are 'comfortable legally with what we are doing'. Morally never gets a mention.

It is a virtual-reality game, but instead of electronic figures being blasted by a teenager in his bedroom there are real people, men, women and children, on the end of real missiles. The US Military term for a successful killing of 'suspected' terrorists, and innocent civilians is a 'Bugsplat'.

These people have no soul. They are, themselves, unmanned drones.

Technology has increasingly distanced the killer from the killed and with that the emotional consequences of seeing the flesh and blood humanity that you have deleted. But the drones have taken this to an entirely new level of disassociation. American author James Bamford, who has written extensively about US intelligence, says:

Death warrants for targets are signed by mid-level bureaucrats, and soccer moms and dads double as joystick killers. They operate in comfort and safety, half the Earth away from their targets and close enough for many to run home for lunch between kills.

Today there are more than 5,000 robotic vehicles and drones deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 50 can be flown at the same time. The Pentagon and CIA will purchase more unmanned aircraft than manned ones this year, and they will train more drone aircraft pilots than those who fly all of the bomber and fighter jets combined

This is the emerging 'robot army' that I have been talking about for years which is being established in preparation for the time when people have woken up in sufficient numbers to cause problems for the Agenda.

The idea is for the elite to withdraw to the safety of bases and cities inside mountains and underground and for their attacks on the population to be orchestrated from there overwhelmingly through drones and other 'robot' technology.

The driving force behind the robot army is the deeply sinister Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research and development arm of the US Defense Department. DARPA's vehicle for this is the Autonomous Robotic Manipulation program which has recently contracted Lockheed Martin to produce robot cargo helicopters to supply troops in Afghanistan.

Another charming addition to the robot armoury is the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot, or EATR, which, to use the jargon, engages in 'biologically-inspired, organism-like, energy-harvesting behaviour which is the equivalent of eating'. Put more simply, it has the potential to feed and fuel itself from corpses in the battlefield.

The inventor, Dr Robert Finkelstein of Robotic Technology Inc, says that it will consume organic material but he assures us that it will be 'mostly vegetarian'. Wow, what a relief, if only it was true.

The plan is to have technology operate in the battlefield and elsewhere with 'minimal human direction'. In other words, the elite stay hidden away from the public while attacking public targets whenever they choose.

They are supporting this operation with another programme aimed at developing robot troops that are programmed never to disobey orders. They have been called 'soldier bots' that can distinguish between enemy forces like tanks or armed men and civilians and ambulances.

This is the selling point, at least. The claim is that robot troops can be programmed to be 'ethical' when human ones can't. But those that control DARPA and the military establishment have no ethics and so this is the cover story to justify the robotic transformation. As Professor Noel Sharkey, co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, said:

'You could train it all you want, give it all the ethical rules in the world. If the input to it isn't correct, it's no good whatsoever. Humans can be held accountable, machines can't.'

But then, that's the idea.

The potential for Terminator armies is not just science fiction - this is what lies at the end of the road currently being pursued by DARPA and, as I continually emphasise, what we see at the technological cutting edge in the public arena is nothing like as advanced as you will find in the underground projects and programmes.

The common theme running through all of this is to develop killing machines that have no emotion or empathy, no fear, and never question orders. We see human troops already programmed to respond like that, but this goes much further to eliminate thought and dissent.

At least some America troops might have a problem firing on Americans, or even reconsider what they are doing and why. Robots have no such thought processes. Press button - fire - job done. No questions asked.

The drone programmes are a major stepping stone to all this and they are much more widely in use than people imagine. They are not only in war zones or covert war zones. They are in the skies of western countries keeping a technological eye on the population.

Three Predator drones 'patrol' the US-Canadian border with another five doing the same over the border with Mexico. The number is planned to increase to 24 by 2016 and you can bet by a lot more than that as they seek to patrol the entire country eventually. People on the ground can be closely observed from 15,000 feet.

It has also been revealed to the astonishment of many that up to 60 companies and public bodies are given permission to fly drones in British airspace every year. This came to light after a series of Freedom of Information requests to the Civil Aviation Authority.

They are involved in 'aerial photography and filming, surveying of buildings and land, emergency services work, and surveillance in support of law enforcement, data collection, evidence gathering and security'.

Big Brother with wings, I think they are trying to say.

The agenda for global dictatorship is projected so far ahead that the technological programmes are launched at the time necessary to produce the surveillance and military hardware for when the level of control they represent is ready to be introduced.

The drones, therefore, are not an end, just another major step on a long-planned road.
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