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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Former Denver sheriff Pat Sullivan investigation deepens, alleged sex tape surfaced and "bath-house" searched by authorities...

Pat Sullivan Investigation Deepens, Alleged Sex Tape Surfaced and "Bath-house" Searched by Authorities
From:NewWorldOrderReport.com and the Troubleshooter Network

Tom Martino and the troubleshooter lead investigator, Jonathan Elinoff, breaks more of their investigation while undercover for weeks investigating the Pat Sullivan story. As the investigation grows, more information seems to be confirming some of the allegations Elinoff first started investigating over 2 months ago with Martino.

FOX 31 Denver covers the story of how Tom Martino and the Troubleshooter's lead investigator, Jonathan Elinoff, were handed a VHS tape by a source refusing to identify himself. Martino and Elinoff were able to view the tape, which the source had thrown at Elinoff after flagging him down on the road while driving to work. Elinoff pulled into a parking lot to the waving man, asked a few questions and received what Elinoff was told was a sex tape allegedly showing former Sheriff Pat Sullivan engaging in sex acts with a minor. Martino and Elinoff handed the tape over to the now 22 person task force investigating the case.

Listen to KHOW, AM630 Radio Station in Denver for the most up to date information related to the investigation.

Watching the media throughout this entire thing got me to think about the fact that we are all truly waiting until the trial starts... My interest is about trying to help people, and when I started to see that people may not have received that help that I was told would be given, or when this became a story for the presses, I began to rethink what is important to me. There are people out there that need our help, they are homeless, they are sick, and most of all, some have died. Is the story about attacking Sullivan, or is it about trying to help people?

I am waiting until the trial to see how the courts deal with this. Sullivan was never given his fair side of the story, his rightful defense. With this whole town buzzing for more information, I just wonder, what is important to me now more than ever is to remain true to myself and to what can be proven or backed up by affidavits, credible sources and the like. More importantly, I want to see how the system deals with this, rather than jump to conclusions. This story is sensitive to so many people, I think it is important to respect that right now. I am dealing with people who are scared, who are not sure what to do, who say they can't afford their HIV medications and who remain stern in their accusations about Sullivan. Many are addicts of dangerous drugs and most have no or little family to turn to for help.

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