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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WikiLeaks cable contain notes on a Gitmo detainee who was a Bin Laden messenger in 2003 based in Abbottabad...

Wikileaks says US knew of Abbottabad lair from 2008
02.05.2011 22:13

The United States probably knew by 2008 about Osama bin Laden's lair in Abbottabad, according to the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks on Monday, quoting from a leaked US cable, dpa reported.

The document contained notes on the interrogation of a Libyan, Abu al-Libi, who was in detention at Guantanamo on Cuba and said he had been appointed as a bin Laden messenger in 2003 to be based in Abbottabad.

"In July 2003, detainee received a letter from (Osama bin Laden's) designated courier, Maulawi Abd al-Khaliq Jan, requesting detainee take on the responsibility of collecting donations, organizing travel and distributing funds for families in Pakistan.

"(Osama bin Laden) stated detainee would be the official messenger between (Osama bin Laden) and others in Pakistan. In mid-2003, detainee moved his family to Abbottabad (Pakistan) and worked between Abbottabad and Peshawar."

Wikileaks disclosed the reference on Twitter. Wikileaks is gradually publishing 250,000 leaked US diplomatic messages. The document abbreviated Osama bin Laden's name to "UBL."
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