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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'We Got Him' - The Movie

'We Got Him' - The Movie
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 09:02

Via David Icke:
Scene One: President in ratings nose-dive after doing everything he said he wouldn't do and nothing that he said he would. Pakistan is on the wish-list of countries to invade and subdue leading directly to the border with China - the target, with Russia, for a Third World War. Public support for ever more wars, like the latest in Libya, is waning. Others are planned so support must generated for them.

Scene Two: Man wrongly blamed for 9/11, who died years before anyway, becomes the manufactured villain in a staged drama in which John Wayne extras have a shoot out in a compound in Pakistan, thus providing further ammunition to demonise that country for 'protecting Bin Laden'.

Scene Three: The lying and ludicrous President is suddenly an overnight hero (for doing nothing) and enjoys standing ovations when he enters a room. He condemns Pakistan (obligatory) which then apologises for 'security failures' hoping this will mitigate the military backlash in the wake of them telling the United States to stop drone-bombing their country and killing their civilians.

Scene Four: Grotesque, beyond grotesqueness - the hero President heads for Ground Zero in New York to exploit the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 to further promote himself, his popularity and poll ratings as he prepares for another run for President.

Scene Five: With new found support triggered in the John Wayne DNA of many Americans the President orders assaults on other countries while he heroically sits in the White House thousands of miles from the men, women and children this man and his beyond evil masters are ordering to be killed.

There was another scene in which the brave men in uniform paraded their 'prize' in full view to prove that what they said they have done they actually did. But, no. This was dropped in favour of dumping the 'body' into the sea. Saves the cost of hiring a corpse.

(Mind you, we do have that guy still on ice, right? Perfect.)
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