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Sunday, May 8, 2011

(Abbottabad) lair violated Bin Laden's own hiding-place rules...

Lair Violated bin Laden’s Own Hiding-Place Rules

The discovery of Osama bin Laden’s hiding place in Pakistan shows that the al-Qaida leader violated several precepts of his group’s how-to terrorism guide.

The Arabic-language terrorism manual, “Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants,” was obtained during a raid on the home of a bin Laden follower in England, and an English translation was produced by federal investigators.

One of the manual’s lessons addresses “Apartments-Hiding Places,” and instructs Osama’s disciples on “Security Precautions Related to Apartments.”

The manual stipulates that followers should avoid “police stations and government buildings. Apartments should not be rented near those places.”

But bin Laden’s hiding place was in Abbottabad, home to several large Pakistani military training bases.

Hiding places, according to the manual, should include “secret locations” where “documents, records, arms and other important items” can be hidden.

But when bin Laden’s lair was raided, American forces found computer equipment and other potentially valuable intelligence information in plain sight, according to The Smoking Gun website.

The manual also said followers should prepare “ways of vacating the apartment in case of a surprise attack,” including the possible use of “wooden ladders.”

Bin Laden evidently had not prepared a way of vacating his hideout when American forces closed in.

One of the manual’s 15 rules instructed followers to avoid “seclusion and isolation from the population.” Reports from Abbottabad disclose that the residents of bin Laden’s hideout had almost no contact with outsiders, and neighbors say they had no idea who was living in bin Laden’s home.
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