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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grand casino North America

Grand Casino North America
publication date: Feb 8, 2011

Via Wayne Madsen Report - URL Link N/A

North America -- the United States and Canada -- is being turned into one huge casino, where politicians receive kickbacks from criminal syndicates and illegal business deals involving American and Canadian companies. The secretive deals involve defense contractors that are intent on exporting jobs and sensitive rare earth mineral defense technology overseas and are laundering foreign pay-offs to U.S. and Canadian firms through North American gambling operations with impunity. That's the take by a former top-level Republican Party source who has witnessed the backroom deals personally.

The "casino-ization" of North America involves top politicians in Alabama, including former Republican Governor Bob Riley, a rumored 2012 presidential candidate; his son Rob's business operations; the leadership of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver; Texas oil interests; and casinos in Macau in which the family of the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping has a major stake.

WMR first reported on this story on December 7, 2009 -- the date being extremely ironic -- "Well-informed sources have told WMR that powerful magnetic technology transferred to Iran and North Korea to speed up the enrichment of uranium was originally sold by the United States to China.
In 2000, Valparaiso, Indiana-based UGIMAG, which produced defense technology-related rare earth neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt alloy miniaturized super-magnets, was sold to Magnequench International, Inc., a Delaware-registered company that was originally part of General Motors Delphi Automotive Systems Energy & Engine Management Systems division before it was spun off. UGIMAG became Magnequench UG. Insightmagazine reported that Magnequench had a contract with SL Montevideo Technology of Montevideo, Minnesota, a division of SL Industries of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, to supply it with super-magnets for a Defense Department contract to produce servo motors for the precision-guided JDAM missile.

In 1995, Magnequench, with the approval of the Clinton administration and what WMR was told was a financial boost from George Soros, was sold to a consortium that included two Chinese companies, San Huan New Materials and Hi-Tech Inc., partly owned by the Chinese government's Academy of Sciences in Beijing, and China National Nonferrous Metals Import and Export Corporation (CNIEC). In fact, both companies were owned by in-laws of Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping, who, WMR previously reported, maintained close ties to Joe Biden who helped arrange with Deng the transfer of lost US electronic intercept stations from Iran, after the fall of the Shah, to western China.

Magnequench's owner, Archibald Cox, Jr., the son of the Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, Sr., who was fired by President Richard Nixon, permitted the firm's headquarters being moved from Indiana to Singapore. Magnequench's minority stakeholder was Sextant Group, Inc. of New York, an international investment group founded by Cox, Jr. and which fronted the sale of Magnequench from GM to China. WMR has learned from informed sources that Sextant's investment money was linked to the Bush family and Soros.

Magnequench maintained a factory in Anderson, Indiana and another facility in Huntsville, Alabama and Alabama is where the story about Magnequench begins to involve top-level corruption by senior Republicans in the state. Magnequench's factory operations were eventually transferred to China with the approval of the Bush administration. WMR has learned that individuals closely linked to Alabama Governor Bob Riley, as well as to US Judge Mark Fuller, the judge who sent former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman to prison for corruption, were closely linked to the transfer of the magnet technology to China from where it was re-exported for use in Iran's, Pakistan's, and North Korea's uranium enrichment programs.
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