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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kanye West had help from PR firm Rubenstein Communications to craft a response to former president Bush...

Kanye Had Help From Public Relations Firm, Rubenstein Communications, To Craft A Response To Former President George W. Bush
By g
Saturday November 13, 2010

As per the NYTimes’ ArtsBeat blog:

The rapper hired the public relations firm Rubenstein Communications to help him craft a response to former President George W. Bush, then criticized the NBC morning show for interrupting his answers.

Kanye West can usually be counted on to say what’s on his mind, but the rapper had some extra help formulating those thoughts when he was interviewed on NBC’s “Today” show this week: he hired the public relations firm Rubenstein Communications to coach him on his response to former President George W. Bush, and the firm and the rapper are no longer working together following Mr. West’s feud with “Today,” according to several people familiar with the arrangements of the interview.

Mr. West preemptively condemned the “Today” interview on Tuesday night, before NBC broadcast the segment on Thursday morning. On his Twitter account, Mr. West wrote that Mr. Lauer “tried to force my answers” by playing footage of his confrontation with Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and of an interview with Mr. Bush while Mr. West was replying to the “Today” anchor’s questions.

Mr. West also wrote on Twitter that when he taped his interview on Tuesday morning, he came to the show “with only positive intent.”

But he came to “Today” after canceling and then re-confirming the booking, and with the consultation of a Rubenstein media coach hired from outside his usual circle of record-label and management representatives, the people familiar with the arrangements of the interview said. (These people would not speak for attribution either to avoid offending Mr. West or to avoid harming other business relationships.)

If you haven’t, here’s the interview:

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